Why is sirius radio up dating

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If that still does not work, call Sirius XM for Business Listener Care at 1-888-964-2874 to see if there is a repeater out in your area.

Click on the "Print Page" icon on the top right of the screen.

There are two stages to this update, the 'Application Software' update and the 'Baseband Firmware' update.

since they offered it to people who has an email address So that you know, I did subscribe for a full year package on Sirius, but it's just damn too expensive it's like getting another cellphone plan. The providers have to send a signal which turns if off after deactivation. 2- Then use this new email address to register for your free account (3 days on Sirius and 7 days on XM radio). PS: get your Sirius and XM radio player here Originally Posted by mchaos This is pure silliness. The way the sirius, and xm for that matter work is, a signal is sent from the satellites telling it to activate, and what channels it can have. For those trying this out, please post success stories regarding the time waited and other factors. Everyone gets these signals, but your sirius device must be activated via code sent in through the satellites.

If the radio never gets this signal, it will not deactivate. but there is no way to actually know for sure without talking to them. I also have a trick that will make sure you will get this to work. I had a radio where the antenna broke while active. 3- You shouldn't abuse it too much, according to the rule, you can only create 1 account per email address I don't think this is illegal, or considering as crack or hack... You can get Free sirius radio on an actual sirius radio pretty easy if you are patient. There is no way for the radio to communicate to the satellites, or to sirius or xm at all. Once you cancel your subscription or it otherwise runs out, the satellites send a "kill signal" along with the music and other data.

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