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Tamera was against people living together before the wedding and thus, Tamera never lived with Adam as his girlfriend.They even took a year away from each other to know whether God has destined them to be together.Adam used to comment about black people in front of Tamera and also make horrible jokes.There were rumors that Adam was cheating on her when she was pregnant with his child.

During his time in the University of California, Mowry played for the football for the team.Tavior Mowry is quite secretive when it comes sharing information relating to his personal life.At present, there is no information regarding his past relationships. Tavior Mowry is the younger brother of television twins Tia and Tamera Mowry and Baby Daddy star Tahj Mowry.She lost her virginity to him before marriage and said that she regretted it when she walked down the aisle.She felt guilty for losing her virginity and decided to take off the physical relationship from the table till the wedding night and it was a three year break for Adam and Tamera.

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