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Rutherford was on the BIR panel and asked his former Ph D student to join the research team in England, which was investigating a variety of potential detection methods.

"He's put in charge of what they think is the least promising (line of inquiry)," said Mc Leod, author of the forthcoming book, All True Things: A History of the University of Alberta, 1908 - 2008.

This word replaces the section heading of supersonics, dealing with these experiments.

After this date, the new term appears very frequently in the records.

In the RCN, the term SONAR started coming into general useage around 1955 and in the Royal Navy, around 1964.Tickets are available by telephone, e-mail, or the Facebook page below.You can also buy tickets at Mambo Gourmet Pizza, Smitty’s, and Pure Spa.Boyle was trained in the fledgling field of radioactivity and earned Mc Gill University's (Montreal) first doctorate in science under Ernest Rutherford.But when he was recruited by the University U of Alberta founding president Henry Marshall Tory in 1912 to run the physics department, Boyle found the university ill-equipped for his primary area of research and turned his attention to acoustics. The Germans were using submarines as weapons, and the allied forces were desperately searching for ways to detect them.

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