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I think it does have a few things in common with Alien Essence Absolue, which is quite classy to me.Similar feeling, but worlds apart if you know what I mean.I must agree as I have received numerous compliments today during the first 4hrs of wearing, it starts to come closer after that.I don't get that scent cloud at the moment but I am still at my desk at work. This is a nice classy, somewhat powdery (not much) and dry scent. I like it well enough that I think I may buy a backup. This has heavy sillage/projection for the first 2 hours, moderate at 4, closer after.Cartier’s Baiser du Dragon (the Dragon’s Kiss) is a dangerous and powerful scent.

After some time, I get cedar and some very faint florals.This current version is very woody with much stronger vetiver and cedar notes.The floral notes are much more understated, hidden, almost non existent.A 'You know me and you don't' type of deal whereas LBd D is based around recognizable 'orientalism', much like Coco was.Not really comparable to anything else رائحة قشر اللوز الغبارية مع رائحة الفيتفير الارضية اعطت للعطر رائحة باودرية تقريباً تليق به كعطرٍ نسائي ..

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    In the legend of Saint George, the dragon represents the old ancestral paganism overcome by Christianity.

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    My English is okay, and good enough to communicate, but I will always be trying to learn more so I hope you're a good teacher.

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    In 1944, Ramos purchased the newspaper's holding company thus and so became the sole owner and publisher.

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    In that nation alone, the great truths of the existence and unity of God, His providential ruling of His creatures and their responsibility towards Him, were preserved unimpaired amidst general corruption.

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    Reprint of a pamphlet issued at Corpus Christi in 1878 listing firsthand descriptions of bandit and Indian raids from Mexico into South Texas 2E Pamphlet appeals to Congress and the President for military protection.