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Police say they have obtained an arrest warrant for Rashad Jones, 28, who is being charged with criminal attempt to commit homicide, aggravated assault and and recklessly endangering another person.

The group were in the school of baroque-flavoured, melodic pop-rock music typified by the Beach Boys of Pet Sounds and God Only Knows, the Zombies of Odessey and Oracle and Time Of The Season, the Procol Harum of A Whiter Shade of Pale, the Moody Blues of Days of Future Passed and Nights in White Satin and the Kinks of Waterloo Sunset and the Love of Forever Changes.

Sue & Sunny also participated in The Nirvana Ensemble, providing vocals.

The band appeared on French television with Salvador Dalí, who splashed black paint on them during a performance of their second single "Rainbow Chaser." Campbell-Lyons kept the jacket, but regrets that Dalí did not sign any of their paint-splashed clothes.

The album was one of the first narrative concept albums ever released, predating story-driven concept albums such as The Pretty Things' S. Sorrow (December 1968), The Who's Tommy (April 1969) and The Kinks' Arthur (September 1969), and the Moody Blues album Days of Future Passed (November 1967) by a month.

Island Records launched Nirvana's first album "with a live show at the Saville Theatre, sharing a bill with fellow label acts Traffic, Spooky Tooth, and Jackie Edwards." Unable to perform their songs live as a duo and with the impending release of their first album, Campbell-Lyons and Spyropoulos decided to create a live performing ensemble, The Nirvana Ensemble, and they recruited four musicians to enable them to undertake concerts and TV appearances.

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