Owndating ru

I would say this is a very fun site, I like the fact that there's a dedicated app, not just a html site.There are a ton of really attractive women, but the scam factor and burn-out from the women meant that overall my success rate was low with getting actual connections.

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And if you search for men, you see why this is the best site.

It has a great search, it definitely has a nice UI. I have also seen very attractive girls that I began conversations with suddenly drop their picture and say it's because they have too many messages. I found out about this website from a website that was recommending this for 'hook ups' so I think that the girls are real, or at least a % of them, but that they see a lot of traffic and have had some bad experiences with foreign men.

Also there is a high response rate of particularly attractive women from Donetsk I noticed, which kind of makes me think that there are other scams I just avoided because I refused to engage in email correspondents when all the signs of a scam were there.

In November 2017 I joined this forum and immediately joined 3 websites. All of these are modeled after USA websites, sort of like

The prices are relatively similar, about - a month.

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