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Click HERE for more information and call-in number.The Postpartum Dads website was created by PSI Dad’s Coordinator David Klinker as a forum to help dads and families by providing firsthand information and guidance. Dads group on Facebook David also facilitates a private Facebook group that can be joined by sending a request to [email protected] can always count on them to share their commentary with me about music, food, politics, pop culture, and the latest Drag Race episodes. We are a hard-working, middle-class family with everyday struggles. We are learning to embrace all the great moments each day has to offer so we don't miss anything.Andrew Gubany with his kids, Dianna and Owen, from La Habra, CA. Andrew: There are so many favorites, but the first thing that comes to mind is LOVE. In one single day, even when life is throwing me challenges, I have these two little kids that love me as much as I love them. Some days I'm not sure if I am saving for the kids' college funds or for therapy. We are equipped to thrive and as a father, I'm teaching them how to be faithful, to have courage, to understand and know the importance of our family and to grow into destiny so that not one of our gifts are wasted.Recently, she's become more and more aware of gay culture.She's always known what 'gay' was, but this year she's more curious about pride month — the parade, the history, the Golden Girls! Khalil: On one hand, I want people to know nothing! I mean, it goes without saying that we aren't different from other families.We strive to be able to support and provide for our kids the best way we can.

We are very loyal and there to support each other through the good days, bad days, and everything in between.The resources listed on this page provide fathers and postpartum partners informed support and connection at no charge.Please contact us if you are looking for additional resources.We struggle with the same parenting issues as any other household — time management, discipline, dinnertime, saving for college!But, I simultaneously want people to know everything because most people have little experience with families like ours.

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