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Once inside the communal changing area was much like a swimming pool – benches in the middle of the room and your own, numbered locker. The facilities were impressive: a sauna, warm room, swimming pool, dark room and, upstairs, individual rooms with either a wipeable mattress on the floor or a bench with a mattress on it.I'd read about 'cruising' before, and read about bars being 'cruisey' but never experienced it.For rooms that are occupied there seems to be a code (I'm happy to be corrected here).If there's somebody in there lying in their front, and exposing their bottom ... If they're sitting up they seem to want a bit more of a mixture.My lack of previous experience was evident when at the entrance I blushed to the receptionist: "I've not brought any trunks with me.that OK? " I nodded over enthusiastically, handed over £14, and was given two towels before disappearing down the stairs." His manicured eyebrow rose sharply and said it all. (You might think £14 is a lot but another local spa, not gay, charges £20 for the same facilities where sex is a no-no).She’s soaped up and showering in the middle of the room, and she looks up at you and smiles.

I'm not the kind of guy who gets admiring glances from women in general, so to be looked at like that was a pleasant surprise.

It was to explore a side of my sexuality which, for many years now, I'd been curious about.

When I was 18 (now quite a bit older) I joined the jeers when two male schoolmates drunkenly snogged each other on a night out. Years of mulling things over, the occasional mild dalliance and, on the night, six pints, climaxed in me visiting a gay sauna.

I will spare you the details, but suffice to say it was safe and enjoyable.

“YOUR DOLLS LOOK VERY REAL, CAN THEY TAKE ROUGH SEX? A customer from Australia asked us if our sex dolls can take rough sex, our answer is YES! You have an adorable look of confusion on your face, which slowly turns to understanding.

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