Evgen st dating

Huge amount of independent research to be published over the next 12 month in Sulforaphane ( perhaps 300 papers at the current rate? At a market cap of £16m , current price of 18p and price target of 113p by Northlands it is an interesting time.

Good luck to those hoping for short term ups and downs!

The other big thing the company has going for it is that it is funded through to the end of the year by which point it may well have landed a licensing or JV deal if the results due this quarter and then again at the end of the year are any good.

Kings London may have results on Stroke research with SFX-01 and may announce trial early 2019 6.Institutional investment is one of the major ingredients I look for when deciding to invest anywhere. To date EVG have not put a foot wrong and all their drug trials have exceeded market expectations.It gives you a level of confidence knowing that experts have evaluated the company to a degree that lay people could not achieve. Yet the market has not assigned any value to the progress the company has made since IPO in October 2015.I like evg a lot and hold a lot of shares but unlike you Bernay I won't ramp daily to get share price up..You have just lost the 22p buyers 18pct.could've bought cheaper if they didn't have to read your Cr pbernymadoff: Share price is strengthening by the day.

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