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Dramatizes problems associated with these Lipan Apache missions from 1749 to 1761 and reasons for their abandonment.many of the workers associated with theses missions were highly acculturative Coahuiltecans 2E Problems with Seminole, Kickapoo and Lipan Apache attacks from their sanctuaries in Mexico, especially from Piedras Negras area. Taylor recommends appropriations of ,000 to move Kickapoos out of Mexico and back to Indian territory to stop their raids on South Texas.The father looked for someone with power in the tribe or a strong warrior.

Native American tribes also used the court flute as a ritual. Congress House of Representatives, Committee on Military Affairs, Texas Border Troubles, 45th Congress, 2nd Session, House Miscellaneous Document # 64, p. The document was transferred to the Mescalero Indian Reservation. A., "Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs," United States Department of Interior 1835 - 1849, Washington, D. Live Oak Treaty Between the Republic of Texas Government and Lipan Apache Indians, January 8, 1838, Volume 1 1825-1843, pp. 16, signed by Chief of the Lipan Apache Band Cuelga de Castro at Live Oak Point, Texas c. C., 1969 Bollaert, William, "Observation on the Indian Tribes in Texas, London Ethnological Society Journal, Volume 2, London, England, 1850 Iron, R.These cover 1859-1871 and are limited to South Texas, especially Kickapoo, Seminole and Lipan Apache attacks. Document 150, 41st Congress, 2nd Session, 1870, pp. Native American dating used specific types of rituals and customs throughout history.

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