Dampd intimidating presence

What he saw was an imperfect creation that had to be tempered like an imperfect blade; in fire And so, in what was later called the Year of the Weeping Gods, Aer opened the gates of Hell and set loose the demons therein.

This did not please him, for Aer wanted a unified humanity, strong and warring, unified under his banner.

It is believed that during this time, one of the spawn of Azkarael, a demon whose name remains unknown (but is believed to be Demogorgon himself) gained audience with the high human god Aer and began planting seeds of deceit.

The explosion also destroyed Azkarael, but it shattered his essence into several separate entities that were thrust into the world and across all dimensions.

After its initial conquests and wars, humanity had settled down and split into thousands of small cultures.

p=74661&viewfull=1#post74661) Rain the Ranger (Ranger) ( p=74900#post74900) Trixi Picklebottom Goldflower (Tinkerer) ( Whether that was actually the reason or not, Aer slowly became dissatisfied with his creation.

They were gifted with long life, and to have a greater kinship with nature and animals.

Lastly, Anilaya made the gnomes and the little folk, who shared her love for magic, beauty and the wilderness.

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